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Fee Schedule Effective 1/1/2008 *

REPORT TYPE Estimated Fee

SFR, Condominiums and PUD

Prices Start At -
Fees may be increased due to complexity -
required time to complete assignment -
distance and or unforeseen circumstances -
Unique or Extremely Complex Requests -

Drive-By (Form 2055) Exterior Only
Drive-By (Form 2055) w/Interior Inspection

Desk Review
Field Review (with photos)

Satisfactory Completion Certificate (Form 442)
Additional Comparable
Appraisal Update

Cancellation of Order (After Inspection, Prior to Completion)






Residential Income (2-4 Units)

Duplex (2 Units)
Triplex (3 Units)
Fourplex (4 Units)

Form 1007 - Comparable Rent Schedule
Form 216 - Operating Income Statement



As per USPAP guidelines, it is mutually agreed upon and understood that we cannot accept an appraisal assignment based upon a predetermined value.  These fees are guidelines only for properties that are reasonably typical for their area.  Actual fees are based on the estimated time required to complete the assignment after consideration of the complexity of the appraisal assignment, purpose of the appraisal, property type and type of report.  Preliminary research will be done on each subject property prior to confirmation and final acceptance of an assignment.  Fees contained herein are to be used as general guidelines only.

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